Scientists Discover 26-Foot-Long Dinosaur Bigger Than T-Rex

Researchers have helped identify a new prehistoric predator that dominated the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) in terms of size. The dinosaur, which was five times the size of the T-Rex of the time, has been named Ulughbegasaurus and was identified from a fossilized jaw bone.

The creature lived 80 to 90 million years ago, right alongside the T-Rex, University of Calgary researchers, associate professor of paleontology Darla Zelenitsky, and Dr. Kohei Tanaka found. The fact that it was between 24.5 feet and 26 feet in length and weighed around 2000 pounds means that it would have been the Apex predator of that era of Earth’s prehistory.

The T-Rex species that walked the Earth at that time grew to around 10 feet in length and weighed around 440 pounds. That means that not only would Ulughbegasaurus have overwhelmed the T-Rex in competition for food, it likely held back the evolution of the smaller species.

“They probably kept the tyrannosaurus down, they were obviously better apex predators,” Zelenitsky told The Calgary Herald. “It was like a grizzly bear compared to a coyote.”

The sheer size wasn’t the only advantage Ulughbegasaurus had that would have put it above the T-Rex of the prehistoric food chain, however, according to Zelenitsky. The predators’ hunting practices and how they tackled prey were radically different, too.

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SOURCE: Newsweek, Robert Lea