Meet 22-Year-Old Luxury Handbag Designer Hogoè Kpessou Who Hopes to Start an Apparel Line and Catch the Eye of Beyoncé

Hogoè Kpessou backpacks worn by models / Hogoè Kpessou

Before she founded a luxury handbag brand named after herself, this Togo native was bullied for her name when she moved to the United States at six years old.

Now, people all over the world are pronouncing her name while rocking her stylish handbags.

Hogoè Kpessou, 22, launched her brand last October to wash away the negative association she felt toward her name. Now, it represents luxury.

“I have people asking me how to say my name properly and asking how to spell it,” she told Insider. “That was a good choice on my part.”

Kpessou launched her brand known for backpacks emblazoned with bumblebees with $10,000 from her mom. She expects to hit seven figures by the beginning of next year.

Since the brand’s launch, the company has made nearly $500,000 in sales with a 3,900% transaction increase, according to the outlet. The company’s social media traffic has grown 31,000% and direct site traffic has grown 50,000%.

This year, Kpessou released a collection of bags adorned with fireflies and expanded the color selection of her bumblebee backpacks. She plans to enter wholesale, create apparel, and catch the eye of Beyoncé, whose nickname is “Queen Bee,” the Insider reported.

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SOURCE: Black Enterprise, Alexa Imani Spencer