International Media Ministries Teaching the Way Jesus Did

Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries on Facebook.

When Jesus taught, He always used words and examples that the people listening to Him would understand.

It’s important for those teaching about Jesus today to use the same tactic, says Denise Godwin of International Media Ministries. “It’s going to be Jesus Christ and the hope that is in the resurrection. But how are we going to communicate that in this culture? What story is going to really capture people’s attention? One simple example might be some of our partners in Lebanon, who are feeding families in need, but they’ll feed anyone. They’ll feed any religion that comes to them with a physical need for food. The food is like the Word of God as the bread of life.”

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SOURCE: Mission New Network, Kevin Zeller


  • Frame the Gospel in a way others can understand, and always speak with words of hope.