Coronavirus, Political Restrictions Not Hindering Chinese Christians

Photo courtesy of lin2015 from Pixabay.

The pandemic, combined with a changing political landscape, has made Bibles for China’s work more difficult. The ministry walks alongside Christians in rural China, helping to provide them with Bibles.

Wendell Rovenstine, the founder of Bibles for China, says Chinese Christians care deeply about the Bible. “We are still convinced that the Bible is making a difference. One of our China resource groups that we work with said that they interviewed 1,655 Christians within China, asking, ‘What is the greatest influence in your relationship with Christ and being followers of him?’ And 49.7% of them said the greatest influence was the Bible.”

The ministry of Chinese Christians

It’s okay that western partners can’t move as freely in China, Rovenstine says. Chinese Christians have taken up the work of sharing the Good News of Jesus throughout the country. “There are churches and organizations within China that have their own WeChat groups to maintain a community of believers. They’re using those as much as they can until they can’t use them, or they’re cracked down on.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Praise God for the faithfulness of the growing Chinese Church.