Afghan Christians Face New Dangers in Volatile Situation

The photo shows Taliban fighters in Kabul. (Photo courtesy of Voice of America, Public Domain)

For the relatively small Christian community in Afghanistan, life has always been difficult. While democratic elections were first held in 2004, the constitution was built around a strict Sunni interpretation of Islamic law. As a result, Afghan followers of Jesus could not worship openly and often faced threats of beatings and other forms of torture from opposing family and community members.

With the recent national takeover by the Taliban militant group, the dangers facing believers have increased significantly. The words of Open Doors’ Field Director for Asia address this growing concern: “Prior to Taliban rule, they already had a very difficult time living out their faith, as they had to keep it secret from their families for fear of being shunned, or worse, killed. Now that the Taliban is in power, their vulnerability increases tenfold.”

Shoaib Ebadi, the Executive Director of Square One World Media, spoke with VOMC’s Greg Musselman about the current situation. This Afghan-Canadian representative further explained that most believers are discovered because their family members report them. These relatives become “the first enemy,” as they believe turning in Christian converts will cause their family members to return to the Islamic faith.

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SOURCE: Mission New Network, Kevin Zeller


  • Ask God to protect and strengthen Afghan Christians.