Women Laugh as Student Discusses Grandmother’s Coronavirus Death During School Mask Debate

Video has emerged showing people laughing at a student as he talks about the death of his grandmother from COVID-19 at a Tennessee school board meeting to discuss whether to impose a mask mandate.

The clip, which has been shared on social media, shows one male student from Rutherford County explaining why he believes that masks should be worn on school premises to help protect people from COVID-19.

“If I get COVID, I’m going to bring it to my family and I talk to my grandparents a lot,” the student said. “They’re higher risk than me. So I don’t want to give them COVID.

“This time last year, my grandmother, who was a former teacher at the Rutherford County school system, died of COVID because someone wasn’t wearing a mask.”

The comment resulted in a number of people laughing and expressing their disagreement.

The clip shows two women sitting behind the student holding “let our kids smile” placards smirking and shaking her head as he tries to continue with his side of the debate.

“This is an avoidable issue and by not wearing masks in schools, it’s irresponsible,” the student adds. “We’re killing people. This is not something that we should be doing for the education of our students.”

The Rutherford County School Board meeting on Tuesday night was aiming to determine if students should be made to wear masks in school, or if it should be the parents’ choice.

After more than three hours of debate, the board ruled that more research is needed before they vote on the issue, reported WZTV.

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Source: Newsweek