Coronavirus Plague ‘Mu’ variant has been detected in every US state except Nebraska: Scientists fear it is more transmissible than the Indian Delta variant and could be vaccine resistant

The Mu variant of COVID-19- which scientists fear could be more transmissible than Delta – has now been detected in all U.S. states with the exception of Nebraska.

Florida and California have reported 384 variant cases- the highest numbers among the 49 infected U.S. states.

Los Angeles County reported close to half of the California cases with 167.

The new cases however only reflect 0.2 percent of total variant samples from the state of California between June and August.

Alaska previously had the highest number of Mu variant cases with 146. That represented four per cent of all cases recorded in the isolated state.

Other U.S. states have also shared their Mu numbers, with 42 in Maine, 73 in Connecticut and 39 in Hawaii, according to Newsweek.

The Mu variant- which was identified in Colombia in January – has spread to 41 different countries including the United States, and is also feared to potentially be vaccine-resistant.

The variant became of interest due its potential to become more transmissible and vaccine resistant as discovered by the World Health Organization on August 30.

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Source: Daily Mail