Resorts World Las Vegas: Players’ Reviews

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Resorts World Las Vegas is the newest hotel-casino built in Nevada. It is an Asian-themed property that offers luxury in terms of amenities and services while taking full advantage of technology.

Michelle Thomas, a writer knowledgeable in all things casino, presents players’ opinions and reviews on Resorts World Las Vegas.

Get to Know Resorts World Las Vegas

It’s likely not your first time hearing about Resorts World; perhaps you’ve seen photos and videos of people who’ve already tried the newly built hotel-casino in Las Vegas. It has a reputation for giving the best experience in dining, celebrations, entertainment, nightlife, and gaming with luxury, value, and variety that will surely make you come back again and again.

Resorts World Las Vegas Casino

With a 117,000 square feet casino floor, social distancing in this must-visit casino will not be a problem. It also offers a unique and intimate experience on their 66th floor, where the Sky Casino can be found. Aside from its lavish settings, Resorts World Las Vegas is introducing a new digital way of cashless gaming that uses QR Codes and smart tables.

COVID Restrictions

More than offering entertainment and gaming, the casino assures the safety of its customers, as it follows strict COVID-19 restrictions. Customers who are already vaccinated against COVID-19 are not required to wear facemasks. Those not vaccinated still need to wear a facemask as part of the local and state regulations. Employees are also required to wear a facemask to minimize the risks of transmitting the virus.

Required Attire

People who plan to visit this casino are expected to wear the appropriate attire such as collared shirts, khakis, and jeans for men, while dresses, slacks, and blouses are required for women. Flip flops are not allowed, and it is advised not to wear torn clothing.

Available Games

Resorts World Las Vegas boasts of having the best games, offering its patrons new slots, new poker varieties, and other unique games they can enjoy. With 1,400 varieties of slot machines, no patron will run out of choices. From traditional reels and video poker to progressive slots with growing jackpots, this casino has it all. They now offer cashless wagering on which players who want to use the slot machine can simply scan their cell phone QR codes in order to play.

What Are Online Casinos?

Online casinos have developed over the years. It started during the late 1990s when the internet was on the rise in the commercial business world. They are categorized into downloadable, mobile applications and instant play formats. It started with downloadable apps and evolved into instant play software that makes online betting games easier without having to download anything, making it hassle-free.

Online casinos are always a target of online threats like software attacks, account hacking, and identity theft, among others. That’s why online casinos make sure they invest in the best modern cybersecurity technology to ensure that their site is safe for every player.

Online casinos are now more rampant than land-based ones since these virtual gambling sites are easily accessible and often have their own bonus system. They also offer local and global games at the same time. Picking an online casino will save you transport fees and time, and you can play without having to risk your health. They also offer different online payment methods like debit and credit cards, e-wallets, e-checks, and cryptocurrencies that are secured and convenient.

Canadian Online Casinos

Because there is still the threat of the pandemic, you may put your plans of visiting Resorts World Las Vegas on hold. But don’t worry; you can still play your favourite casino games while you’re at home. You can play keno online or choose the unique gameplay of baccarat — whatever you feel like trying your luck at, there’s something available for you online.

But remember that even if the casinos are online, there are still gambling laws to abide by. An online casino must have a license to operate within Canada, and recommended casino sites are offshore. Winnings from your games are not taxable unless seen as a form of employment. There is no legal risk of playing online casino games for fun or as a part-time worker. So far, there have been no citizens charged criminally for playing online casino games. This is because Canada’s criminal code doesn’t explicitly treat playing online gambling as a criminal act.


With the continuous improvement of online casinos, players can only expect the best. While the world is still at pause while dealing with the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun by playing online.