Pregnant Wife of US Marine Rylee McCollum, Who Was Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Bomb Attack, Will Receive Mortgage-free Home From Charity

The pregnant widow of one of the 13 US service members fallen in the August 26 attack in Kabul will receive a mortgage-free home from a charity.

The Tunnels to Towers foundation will gift the house to Jiennah McCollum, 20, wife of the late Marine Corps Lance Rylee McCollum.

McCollum, from Wyoming, who died at the age of 20, had married his wife recently.

His life was cut short by an ISIS-K suicide blast in Afghanistan, three weeks before his baby was due.

The Marine had been helping evacuate people at a checkpoint in Kabul’s airport when the bomb went off.

He was deployed to Afghanistan from Jordan, and was expected home in October.

The foundation could possibly build more homes for the families of the other 12 fallen service members.

Frank Siller, Chairman of the charity Tunnels to Towers told Breitbart News: ‘We’re building mortgage-free homes for Gold Star Families, and that includes any of the 13 that left behind a young family.

‘And we do know one of them – his wife is pregnant and will be giving birth shortly,’

‘We are going to build her a mortgage-free house. And rest assured, we are going to take care of any Gold Star Family that fits that criteria,’ added Siller.

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Source: Daily Mail