Here We Go: This Ungodly Picture of a Key National U.S. Government Official, a Man Married to Another Man, With Two Babies, a Boy and a Girl, in Their Hands, Is the Reason Why the Church Is Under Rebuke and Chastisement and America Is Under Judgment, for This Is the Slippery Slope That Many Evangelical and Christian Pastors Did Not See Coming When They Became Judases to God and Christ by Taking the 30 Pieces of Silver From Homosexual-Supporting Foundations, Nonprofits, and the Government to Betray God, Jesus Christ, and the Word of God, and We Are Suffering for It Today More Than What They Thought and Faster Than What They Thought and Not One Prominent Pastor Says Anything. Your Silence Is Deafening. I Warned You for Twelve Years and Preached Nearly Every Day for Over Five Years, but You Didn’t Listen. This Is the Reason Why Many Pastors and Pastor’s Wives and Other Ministers Are Dying and This Is Why God Has Shut Down Your Churches. This Is Why Many of You Are Sick. You Can’t Do Evil Like This Against God, Jesus, and His Word and Continue to Give Communion and Take Communion. You Will Answer to God for the Shame You Have Brought Upon His Name and How You Are Responsible for the Destruction of the Most Blessed and Greatest Country in the History of the World Outside of Israel. Repent Now While You Have a Chance, and Repentance Does Not Involve Words. I Doubt Very Seriously if God Wants to Hear Any More Words. At This Point, He Wants to See Action. He Wants to See Fruits of Repentance. He Wants to See a Change in Your Behavior. — Daniel Whyte III