Nearly a Week Without Power, New Orleans Is Facing a ‘Race With the Clock’

NEW ORLEANS — When Stephanie Crier emerged from her New Orleans apartment last week after hunkering down for Hurricane Ida, she was relieved to find that the storm had not flooded the city or left catastrophic destruction on par with Hurricane Katrina. But since then, things have only gotten worse.

It has been almost a week without power in her home. Trying to fall asleep in the heat is torturous, Ms. Crier, 60, said, and she has had to get up and wash herself with cold water in the dark just to get through the night.

As forecasters warned of dangerously high temperatures over the weekend, Ms. Crier was worried about taking care of her mother, who is 81 and returning to her apartment after finding a brief refuge with a friend.

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Source: MSN