Daniel Whyte III Tells Heads of State in Every Country in the World, Whatever Israel Does Regarding the Coronavirus Plague, Follow Them, but That Does Not Guarantee That This Plague Is Going to End Any Time Soon: Israel Is Planning to Administer Fourth Coronavirus Plague Vaccine Which Could Be Adjusted to Fight New Variants as Country Battles Wave of Infections Despite Hugely Successful Vaccine Roll-out

Israel is set to begin preparations to administer fourth doses of the coronavirus vaccines as the country deals with soaring cases despite its trail-blazing roll-out of jabs.

The country’s national coronavirus czar Salman Zarka said the country needs to prepare for a fourth injection, which could be modified to better protect against new variants of the virus.

‘Given that that the virus is here and will continue to be here, we also need to prepare for a fourth injection,’ he told Kan public radio.

‘This is our life from now on, in waves.’

Last month, he told The Times of Israel that people should expect to receive more vaccines to deal with new variants.

‘It seems that if we learn the lessons from the fourth wave, we must consider the [possibility of subsequent] waves with the new variants, such as the new one from South America,’ he said at the time.

‘Thinking about this and the waning of the vaccines and the antibodies, it seems every few months — it could be once a year or five or six months — we’ll need another shot.’

He added that he expects Israel to be given out vaccines that had been specially adapted to cope with different variants of the virus by late 2021 or early 2022.

While Israel is seeing record case numbers in its fourth wave, the jabs are still protecting against severe illness with Covid deaths running at about half of the level of its second wave.

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Source: Daily Mail