Group Inspired by Trump’s 1776 Commission Launches Campaign Designating September ‘Patriotic Education Month’

A group influenced by former President Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission started a campaign that identifies September as “Patriotic Education Month” in an effort to “counter false and misleading accounts of American history” in schools.

The initiative encourages leaders across the country to proclaim September as Patriot Education Month so as to “promote an honest and patriotic history that celebrates the history of progress that defines our nation and the heroes and patriots who have led the way.”

When asked about the campaign, President of 1776 Action, Adam Waldeck told Fox News that, “For good reason, there’s been a lot of attention on the divisive, ideological agenda being forced on students. But while we fight that, we must also teach our youngest citizens why they should be proud to be Americans.”

He added, “From Washington to Lincoln to Rev. King to Rosa Parks we are a land of heroes, and the values that they all fought and sacrificed for should not be shunned but celebrated. Patriotic Education Month is one way to get started.”

The group will host a “Rally to Save our Schools” on Sept. 8 in Loudoun County, Virginia where former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson is due to speak.

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Source: CBN