Fully Vaccinated Boxer Oscar De La Hoya Is Hospitalized With Coronavirus and Pulls Out of His Comeback Fight Against Vitor Belfort; He Says This “Really, Really Kicked My A**”

Oscar De La Hoya has withdrawn from his upcoming comeback fight after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

The 48-year-old revealed his diagnosis on Friday – eight days before he was scheduled to step into the ring to take on former UFC champion Vitor Belfort at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

De La Hoya announced he had contracted the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated.

He shared a video to Twitter from his hospital bed accompanied by a caption which read: ‘I wanted you to hear directly from me that despite being fully vaccinated, I have contracted COVID and am not going to be able to fight next weekend.

‘Preparing for this comeback has been everything to me over the last months, & I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support.’

He added: ‘I am currently in the hospital getting treatment and am confident I will be back in the ring before the year is up. God bless everyone and stay safe.’

In his clip, De La Hoya appeared to be having trouble breathing, before he looked directly into the camera and stated: ‘What are the chances of me getting COVID? I’ve been taking care of myself and this really, really kicked my a**’.

De La Hoya’s upcoming comeback fight against Belfort was scheduled to be his first professional bout since his retirement back in 2009.

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Source: Reuters