Third California school district reveals it has students trapped in Afghanistan: More than 30 children are stranded after families missed final US evacuation flight

A third US school district has announced that it has students who are still trapped in Afghanistan after families visiting relatives missed the final US evacuation flight this week.

More than 30 California children are now known to be stuck in Afghanistan after they traveled to the country before the Taliban seized power and were unable to get out before U.S. forces left.

The Sacramento City Unified School District said an Afghan immigrant family with three children enrolled at Ethel I. Baker Elementary had contacted the district to ask for help in getting out of the country.

‘The only word I can say is heartbreaking,’ said district spokeswoman Tara Gallegos.

It came after two other school districts – one in the San Diego area and another in Sacramento – said that they have been in contact with families who fear they have been forgotten by the U.S. government.

The officials said that some of the children were born in the United States and are U.S. citizens.

Also in Sacramento, the San Juan Union School District said it had identified 27 students from 19 families enrolled in the district who said they have been unable to get out of Afghanistan and return home.

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Source: Daily Mail