Second Caravan of 100 Afghan Christians Heads to Pakistan

This photo shows members of the first convoy after they reached Pakistan. (Photo provided and approved by FMI)

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, a caravan of over 100 Afghan Christians left their homes to move to Pakistan. Bruce Allen of FMI says they have reached their destination safely. “They have the challenge of resettling. We have six partners who are helping with their resettlement. So even though it’s a good place for them to get to, having 15 families to resettle is an enormous task.”

Pray these Christians would be able to get jobs, and that their children, both boys and girls, would have educational opportunities. In Afghanistan, the Taliban has a history of limiting education, especially for girls and women. Since the takeover, they have already cracked down on coeducation. Read more here.

Pakistan might not seem like the best place for Christians. Religious minorities often receive mistreatment in different parts of the country. But Allen says, “It is their neighbor. And life can be fairly similar for them there because the tribes are the same. You have Dari tribes and Pashto tribes in both places. So languages are the same and the customs can be the same in those tribes. Really, the resettle there can be fairly good.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Donate to help these Christians reach Pakistan.
  • Ask God to help these Christians resettle smoothly in Pakistan.