Sister of OnlyFans Model Found Strangled to Death in Texas Apartment Says Man Who Killed Her Was Stalking Her Online

Police say they haven’t yet made a connection between the pair They are pouring through Jenae’s ‘hundreds’ of social media accounts which include pages on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Only Fans

The sister of an OnlyFans and Instagram model and influencer found strangled to death next to a man in her Texas apartment in an apparent murder suicide says he was stalking her online.

Jenae Gagnier, 33,- who went by the name Miss Mercedes Morr online – was found strangled to death in her apartment in Richmond – a suburb southwest of Houston – on Sunday.

Also in the home was Kevin Alexander Accorto, 34, a man from Florida who had stabbed himself to death.

Police have not yet been able to make a connection between the pair but they say there were no signs of a break-in at her apartment.

The medical examiner told ABC on Tuesday that she’d also suffered a traumatic concussion.

Kevin Alexander Accorto, 34
Morr’s body was found inside her apartment in Richmond, Texas, on Sunday at 4.30pm. Her killer was also found dead inside and had stabbed himself

It was also revealed that her father Mark was in the apartment when police arrived after being told by another family member to perform a wellness check.

A spokesman for Richmond Police Department told on Tuesday that Morr had ‘hundreds’ of social media accounts that detectives were now pouring through to find a connection between the pair.

She had numerous accounts on Facebook plus pages on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and OnlyFans, where she charged subscribers $10-a-month of X-rated content.

They are also combing through surveillance footage from Morr’s gated apartment complex and neighbors’ Ring doorbell cameras to try to find out when Accorto entered Texas.

A neighbor told ABC that they would be surprised to learn the man had been able to break in because it is so heavily guarded.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jennifer Smith