Pastor Paul Kingsbury of North Love Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois, Resigns as Lawsuit Alleges Cover-up of Youth Minister’s Sexual Assault of a Minor Girl

A Rockford pastor is resigning as allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding the church are mounting.

Over the weekend, Doug Stodola with North Love Baptist Church announced Pastor Paul Kingsbury’s decision to resign from the ministry. The announcement came in a video posted to the church’s Facebook page that was later taken down.

“The deacons are fully aware and take serious the allegations being made against Pastor Kingsbury and North Love Baptist Church,” Stodola said in the video. “The deacons are united and looking into these matters. Please give us time and have patience as we seek the truth in Christ.”

During the same video broadcast, Ron Haese, the current interim pastor said that Kingsbury had done nothing to disqualify him as pastor of the church.

Kingsbury’s resignation comes weeks after a petition to recall a missionary from North Love accused of sexual misconduct. There’s also a lawsuit filed against a former employee of the church who allegedly sexually abused a teenage girl.

Earlier this month, Kingsbury offered his resignation from Reformers Unanimous, an addiction recovery program operated by North Love Baptist Church.

Haese also said that North Love would be going on a virtual hiatus, “As soon as I’m done with this announcement. North Love Baptist Church is going to go offline. We’re going to be temporarily offline until the deacons and I believe we can put it back on.”

Source: Northern Public Radio WNIJ