Taliban “Hit List” Targets Known Afghan Christians

Image courtesy of Heart4Iran.

Though experts and allies voice concern, the United States is sticking to an August 31 departure from Afghanistan.

U.S. officials say troops in Kabul will begin exiting on Friday to get all personnel and equipment out before the August 31 deadline. Taliban forces will block Afghans trying to reach the Kabul airport, a Taliban spokesman said yesterday.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan represented the world’s third-largest humanitarian operation before this month’s crisis. United Nations and World Health Organization officials call for an immediate humanitarian “bridge” to get aid into the country before they run out of critical supplies:

“Conflict, displacement, drought, and the COVID-19 pandemic are all contributing to a complex and desperate situation in Afghanistan. Humanitarian agencies need to be supported and facilitated to meet the enormous and growing needs in Afghanistan, and make sure that no one dies unnecessarily due to lack of access to aid.”

Afghan Christians flee

Fear is tangible on the ground. “The Taliban has a hit list of known Christians they are targeting to kill. They are raiding houses and going through people’s phones to look for any Christian apps,” Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansari says.

“Afghan believers are in danger, and they are fleeing to the mountains. Many of them feel they have been abandoned.”

Heart4Iran has been broadcasting Gospel programs into Afghanistan since 2007 through its media division, Mohabat TV. “Many Afghans are familiar with Mohabat TV and regularly call and email us,” Ansari says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth