Very good: Karen Swallow Prior urges Christian writers to focus on doing good work, not attracting more followers

Author, literary scholar, and social media dynamo Karen Swallow Prior joins Heather for an engrossing discussion on what it means to build a “platform.” They dive right into the debate that is taking over much of Christian influencer culture—is a huge social media platform a byproduct of pursuing one’s call, or is it the call itself? Karen explains what she believes it means to be truly “called” and questions the unhealthy desperation to be published that she sees among some writers. Warning: This episode may ruffle a few feathers, but it will also stir conviction!

Karen Swallow Prior is a research professor of English and Christianity and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Her books include Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me and On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books. She is co-editor of Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues and has written articles for Christianity Today, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Relevant, The Gospel Coalition, and many others.

Also, in our #GrowingViral segment, meet Madison Hart. Madi is a lover of Jesus, books, and the great outdoors, and has created a blog that she hopes will make you feel less alone. You can find Madi and her blog on Instagram @M’s Inklings.

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Source: Christianity Today