And Why Do Either One of You Want to Do This? Texas Inmate Sues to Allow Pastor to Lay Hands on Him During Execution; Pastor Dana Moore Submitted an Affidavit on Behalf of a Texas Death-row Inmate in Hopes Authorities Will Allow Moore to Lay Hands on the Prisoner as He Is Executed by Lethal Injection.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – A Texas death-row inmate is suing state prison officials for the right to have his chaplain – Southern Baptist pastor Dana Moore – lay hands on him as he is executed by lethal injection.

Moore is the pastor of Second Baptist Church Corpus Christi and has been ministering to John Henry Ramirez in prison for several years as a part of Second Baptists’ chaplaincy ministry.

“My role is to be a minister to John, and part of my ministry is being able to comfort him, and part of that is to touch him in some way,” Moore told Baptist Press.

“John wants me to be able to touch him during the most stressful and difficult time in his life as he is being executed, and that physical touch is what I find in Scripture as very meaningful.”

Ramirez, 37, is scheduled to be put to death Sept. 8, but he and his attorneys filed a federal lawsuit Aug. 10 claiming state prison officials had denied his request to have Moore lay hands on him during his execution, The Associated Press reported.

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Source: Baptist Press