Christian Apparel 101: 4 Tips On Where To Buy

Have you heard of the saying, “You are what you wear”?

Sure, it may be a spinoff of the older (as in 19th-century old) proverb about what you eat, but what it means speaks in volumes. More than fashion sense, your choice of clothing gives the impression of how you approach and want to be approached by people. Even scientists believe that’s the case, coining the term ‘enclothed cognition.’

Even the message that your choice of shirt or top carries can affect you and everyone around you. Wearing Christian-themed clothing, for instance, gives the impression of an ardent believer in the Word of God. And the message doesn’t have to be explicit; it can hint at something significant.

If you’re among the millions of Americans who put God first in their lives and are looking for the best way to express it, Christian apparel is for you. But where do you get one? They’re not exactly a common sight in your run-of-the-mill clothing store, unless said store turns out to be a specialty shop.

Read on to discover the best places to turn your faith into fabric.

1. Online Specialty Stores

Searching for christian tshirts and other apparel won’t take more than a quick internet search. There won’t be a shortage of online stores that cater to a specific theme or several. Each store will most likely offer an assortment of unique and witty designs for the fashion-savvy faithful.

These designs are more than just slapping a Bible verse on a shirt verbatim. Instead of depicting John 3:16 word for word, the words could perhaps be rearranged in the shape of a cross or state “John 3:16” and leave it to the onlooker to look it up. Sometimes, it can be an aspect of Jesus’ life, such as AD 33, the generally accepted year of His crucifixion.

Shopping online has the added benefit of shopping without physically being present, a blessing in this COVID-stricken era. Buy one for a family member or friend who’s equally faithful and score free shipping, or even a potential discount if you buy in bulk.

2. Your Local Church

Some churches maintain gift shops to help pay regular expenses and fund their outreach programs. They usually sell an assortment of items from dinnerware to other gifts such as apparel. Some gift shops also manage an online store.

Churches have suffered significantly from strict quarantines during the first year of the pandemic. But as the country slowly returns to normalcy, churchgoers say they plan to attend church as often as they did before the pandemic. If you ever want to drop by your local parish’s gift shop, it might be worth checking out their faith-themed clothing.

3. Printing Services

In this option, you aren’t paying for Christian apparel so much as to imprint a Christian image onto a blank top. All you need is to give the design to the printing shop, which will take care of the rest. Custom-printed shirts are usually ready after a few days and carry several advantages.

  • They’re usually more affordable than buying at an online store because they’re brandless. Customers will only pay for the printing service, not for a clothing brand.
  • If you prefer to have your custom Christian theme printed, the shop can accommodate it. It can either be a design you found online (if free to use) or your own design. You can also be your own garment printer service by purchasing an Epson garment printer.
  • Some shops do t-shirt printing in bulk, which is perfect for creating uniforms for Christian gatherings and the like. The unit cost for bulk orders is typically cheaper.

Speaking of gatherings…

4. Religious Events

Before the pandemic hit hard, religious events were the go-to places for purchasing Christian apparel. Seminars, music festivals, and local gatherings usually carried related merchandise up for sale or as a freebie. The items, especially shirts, generally don’t cost much, making them the ideal find to give to family and friends.

An example is Hope Lives On, which is North America’s most prominent Christian music festival. The first set of concerts are scheduled for this coming June, with more coming later (though COVID can still change the timetable). Make sure to check social media for other events you can participate in with the potential find of a good shirt.


Christian apparel isn’t a dime a dozen like every other kind of fashion in the market. However, for the faithful, it carries great value. Wearing one may make them feel more at ease and confident. Therefore, coming across well-made and uniquely designed apparel that speaks to their faith can be like finding treasure on a hunt.