Daniel Whyte III Tells Former President Barack Obama to Call His Henchmen Off of the Beautiful, Talented, and Sometimes Crazy Erykah Badu Because This Fiasco Is Not Her Fault. In fact, you invited her because “she do what she do.” And I would say with all due respect Mr. Obama, you wanted those pictures leaked, because if you did not want those pictures leaked, you have the power through your Secret Service Security to have every phone confiscated in the house. The People are Getting Sick in the Area Due to Your Ill-advised, Selfish, and Juvenile Party, and We Look Forward to YOUR PUBLIC APOLOGY for This Bad Example and This Foolishness. And if you don’t handle this matter with integrity, honesty, and class, as we all know you are capable of doing, this may very well be the SHINDIGGER’S LAST SHENANIGAN.

The Most Horrifying Statement Ever Made Since the Beginning of the Coronavirus Plague Was Made by the Respected, No-nonsense Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins: “We Have Zero ICU Beds Left for Children. That Means if Your Child Is in a Car Wreck, if Your Child Has a Congenital Heart Defect or Something, He’ll Need an ICU Bed, or More Than Likely if They Have COVID He’ll Need an ICU Bed, We Don’t Have One. Your Child Will Wait for Another Child to Die.”