Despite Iran Threats, Israel-UAE Ties Holding Firm 1 Year Into the Abraham Accords

JERUSALEM, Israel – August 13, 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of a peace deal much of the world never saw coming. The Abraham Accords, initially involving Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), soon opened other doors.

When Israel and the UAE normalized relations, it became the first peace agreement between the Jewish state and an Arab state in 26 years. Within four months Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco also signed on to the Abraham Accords.

“It is very rare that there’s an opportunity for a win-win that can be transformational, not just for a country, but for a region. And the Abraham Accords is that transformational moment in history,” said Aryeh Lightstone, former advisor to the US Ambassador in Israel, David Friedman.

What makes these agreements different is the focus on developing ties in business, tourism, education and research between the countries. That’s helped open the doors to nearly $2 billion worth of business deals.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan Nahoum and Emirati Abdullah Baqer work together on the UAE-Israel Business Council.

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Source: CBN