The Judge in Charge of Britney Spears’ Case, Who Happens to Be Black, Is Doing the Right Thing by Not Axing Her Father Immediately From the Conservatorship; We at Bcnn1 Do Not Think This Is an Important Story and Maybe the Father Should Not Be Involved but Someone With a Father-like Attitude Should Be Involved Because While We Do Not Know All That Britney Has Done Right Now the Elevator Is Not Going All the Way to the Top

The judge overseeing Britney Spears’ case is facing online death threats and racial slurs after ruling not to suspend her father from conservatorship immediately.

This week, Judge Brenda Penny denied the 39-year-old singer’s request to expedite a forthcoming hearing in an effort to remove Jamie Spears, 68, from a role in directing the legal arrangement, as petitioned by her lawyer.

Judge Penny was also the one to deny Ms Spears’ request to immediately suspend Jamie Spears, 68, as her conservator following hearings in June and July.

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