U.S. to Deploy Thousands of Troops Back to Afghanistan for Evacuation After Tragic and Ill-Advised Withdrawal

The U.S. on Thursday announced it is deploying thousands of troops back into Afghanistan and to nearby countries as a startlingly successful Taliban onslaught now threatens the capital, Kabul.

Three U.S. infantry battalions of roughly 1,000 troops each – two from the Marine Corps and one from the Army, which are already in the region – will deploy to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul to help facilitate the evacuation of American personnel and the thousands of Afghans eligible to emigrate to the United States. The British government announced simultaneously that 600 of its forces would also redeploy to Afghanistan to help provide security.

An additional U.S. infantry brigade of as many as 4,000 soldiers will fly from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to Kuwait, where they will stage in case they’re needed to contribute to the security response. And a joint force of roughly 1,000 Army and Air Force personnel will set up in Qatar in the coming days to also help process special immigrant visa applicants from Afghanistan and their families.

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Source: US News, By Paul D. Shinkman