Here We Go: Atlanta School Tells Parents Their Children Should Leave the District if They Don’t Like Homosexual and Lesbian Teaching

Another “inclusive” public school system appears determined to push the LGBTQ+ agenda on children, teaching them about such concepts even in kindergarten.

When one Catholic couple found out about the controversial curriculum and questioned it, they were told by an Atlanta public elementary school principal their child would need to leave the district to avoid learning about LGBTQ+ issues at the age of five, The Daily Wire reported.

The couple, who remained anonymous in the outlet’s report out of fear of reprisal, received a flyer from the child’s new teacher which had her Amazon wish list. They were surprised when they found out the list contained books that reference sexual orientation, transgenderism, and progressive ideology.

Included on the teacher’s list were: “Stella Brings the Family,” which tells the story of a gay couple, “I Am Jazz,” which discusses transgenderism, and “Our Class is a Family,” which encourages children to view the classroom — instead of their parents — as their source of support, according to The Daily Wire.

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Source: CBN