Finding Inspiration for a Creative Proposal from the Bible

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Couples who had to postpone their wedding last year are now “going all out,” says The Knot’s CEO Timothy Chi, who reports an increase in wedding celebrations of between 20% and 25% this year and in 2022. The ‘return to the new normal’ is also prompting a return of creative proposals – those in which originality, romance, and, sometimes, humor play a starring role in one of the most memorable events of a couple’s life. If you are a man of faith and you would love to propose in a way that expresses your (and your future fiancée’s) core values then your love of God can actually be a fertile source of ideas for a proposal with a difference.

Going on a Pilgrimage
Christian pilgrimages are meant to connect people of faith with the birth, teachings, life, death, and resurrection of God. They differ from cultural trips because they enable Christians to encounter God in places where His presence has made itself felt in a particularly powerful way. Some pilgrimages (such as the Camino de Santiago in Galicia, Spain), comprise long distances (1,500km in this case) but even these pilgrimages have various shorter routes in which to feel at one with your fiancée and God and to view beautiful landscapes that will remind you of God’s majesty. When you reach your destination (the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela), you can get down on bended knee and ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage.
Taking Part in a Symbolic Bible Reading
If you and your loved one enjoy heading to natural spots for a picnic, scenic walk or Bible reading, make the next one special, utilizing your favorite marriage-related passages from the Bible until your loved one begins to see the unique connection between the passages you have chosen. Just a few you may like to read out include Ephesians 5:25, Genesis 2:24, Colossians 3:14, and Ecclesiastes 4:9. You can then pop the question while on bended knee after reading Isaiah 61:10, which speaks of a bride who “adorns herself with her jewels.” Find inspiration for your proposal ring in popular designs. Trending styles include two-stoned rings (think a diamond paired with a pearl), modern geometric designs (inspired by the world of art deco), and central stones bearing petite diamonds on the side for a touch of delicate sparkle.
Engaging in an Act of Kindness
1 Corinthians 13:4-6, the passage in the Bible that says that “Love is patient, kind, and not jealous,” is arguably one of the most oft-read passages at wedding ceremonies but you can make it more meaningful by putting it into practice through an act of kindness. If your loved one has a charity that is close to their heart, then suggesting a visit to this place (be it an animal sanctuary, hospital, or hospice) is an excellent way to symbolize that when you are married, you will be as one. Your fiancée’s causes will be yours and vice-versa and you can count on each other to help raise funds or perform acts of services for those in need.
Faith can be a wonderful source of inspiration for special moments of your life – and without a doubt, a proposal is one of them. There are many ways to express your love of God. Going on a pilgrimage on your next vacation, taking part in a symbolic Bible reading, or supporting your loved one’s chosen charity are just three ideas to make the moment extraordinary. You can still enjoy all the trimmings – including jewelry and the services of a professional photographer to capture the moment forever – while keeping God at the forefront of the occasion.