Several Members of Oklahoma Family Infected With Coronavirus After Gathering to Celebrate Father’s Day

Steve and Deanna (center) with their family. (Courtesy of the Davis Family)

The fourth wave of COVID-19 crept into the the Davis family in June.

The family had four generations get together to celebrate Father’s Day, but didn’t know the uninvited virus would ravage the family tree.

Fourteen family members went to lunch. Only two were vaccinated.

In the following days, 11 members of the extended family tested positive for COVID-19 as it spread, including nine who attended that lunch.

Five family members were spared, including both of the vaccinated adults.

Steve Davis, 39, was the first to test positive, five days after his symptoms began. He was feeling fatigued and dehydrated during Father’s Day weekend.

“I really didn’t think it was going to get us, each one by one,” he said. “I’m thinking I don’t have COVID. I’m sure I don’t have COVID. I’m thinking I’m young. I’ve got a good immune system. I’m good to go.”

After he tested positive, his wife, Deanna, her 15-year-old twins, Andrew and Taylor, and Steve Davis’ 17-year-old son, Kameron, all tested positive.

Steve Davis’ parents, Stephen and Terese Davis, were diagnosed next.

“They say this Delta strain is 275% faster to attack your system,” said Stephen Davis, 62, who always intended to get the vaccine, eventually.

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