Communist China Now Training Cuban Special Forces

“The Chinese Communist Party is sending paramilitary trainers to Cuba. ADN Cuba, a Spanish-language media platform focusing on Cuba, obtained exclusive photos showing a Chinese military officer training Cuba’s black beret unit,” NTD News’ David Zhang reports.

“The Chinese military is working with the Cuban regime, training them in a special unit … called the black berets [that] seems to have been deployed against the protestors in Cuba recently. Upon close examination, [the beret’s] tactics and deployment styles are very similar to what the Chinese secret police used during the 2019 Hong Kong protests … deploy[ing] various riot tools against the protestors. [This] includes officers from China’s top internal security forces … the People’s Armed Police (PAP),” Zhang said.

During his interview with Gelet Martinez Fragela, the director of ADN Cuba, and Orlando Gutierrez Boronat, an exiled Cuban author, Zhang obtained vital information exposing the repression of Cuban protestors at the hands of the black beret unit, formally called the National Special Brigade.

Fragela collaborated with two other Cuban journalists to expose the black berets. Photos of the organization began circulating in February 2021, she said, adding, “[This] is exactly around the same time that the Cuban State Press published a story about how the Chinese military was modernizing and it was going to become … a real military force and they praised the Chinese military.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News