Anniversary of Beirut Blast Signifies New Era of Hope; Heart for Lebanon Laying Foundations for a New Holistic Recovery Plan

Gospel workers deliver relief aid and the hope of Jesus to families in Beirut. (Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

France is hosting its third global conference in twelve months today to raise funds for Lebanon. In partnership with the United Nations, France hopes to secure more than $350 million in humanitarian aid on the first anniversary of the tragic Beirut blast.

“The explosion of last year just put everything in Lebanon at a faster pace; it expedited all the problems. The World Bank calls it a ‘deliberate depression.’ That phrase has never been used by the World Bank in its history,” Heart for Lebanon co-founder Tom Atema says,

“We’ve had a year of speeches; lots of deadlines, lots of threats by the international community, but nothing has changed. Things have gotten worse.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Ask the Lord to strengthen and encourage Gospel workers in Beirut. It is disheartening work; pray for spiritual renewal and a fresh focus on Jesus.
  • Pray the hope of Christ shines brightly through believers, and creates spiritual interest in Lebanese who do not know the Lord.