Usage of LMS Technology is Shifting the US Teaching Methods for Good During Covid

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world due to the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. To protect the staff, teachers, and students from infection, Academic Institutions are temporarily not functioning in almost every country.

As per the report from UNESCO, the number of students affected by this pandemic stands at 1.2 billion across 143 nations.

All thanks to the option of online learning in this pandemic. It has helped students to continue with getting their education. Universities, colleges, and schools shifted from the classroom within the four walls to an environment of digital space. You can explore the benefits of online education by visiting

The academic institution is ready to invest in education technology up to $300 billion by 2025, as per the recent study. It will include digital tools such as virtual tutorials, video conferences, and above all on Learning Management Systems (LMS). To explore the benefits of online education you can visit

LMS software is an application through which the training and online courses are administered, monitored, and reported. It is the best solution for teachers to converse and conduct online activities with their students from anywhere. It is a needed application in times of following lockdowns and social distancing protocols. There are some reasons discussed below.

1. Helps in Continuing with Education

The spread of the Covid-19 virus should not hinder the education of the students. There is a lot of technological advancement where teaching and learning can continue smoothly.

The solution lies with LMS that offers virtual study rooms. The distance does not matter. Students can continue with their learning being at home. Similarly, the teachers can provide education to the upcoming generation by managing their lectures online. LMS gives easy accessibility and flexibility and ensures normalcy in their daily routine.

The students will not lose any year of their education with LMS in place. The requirement to access LMS is only a device and a good internet connection for their education. It ensures following guidelines of physical distance and less trouble for both teachers and students. 

2. Health and Safety Guaranteed

In this time of a new normal, the top priority of government and organizations is health and safety. The academic institutions are no less in following the same trend. Therefore, most institutions are exploring the best technology for their online classes. They want to make sure the operation runs smoothly keeping in mind the health and safety of everyone. 

Educational institutions having LMS will keep away the threat of viruses for the staff, teachers, and students. It limits their visit to the schools that will ensure no crowding at one place. The social distancing norms are respected, and it lowers the chance of spreading the infection to one another.

LMS will give a feel of teachers teaching and students learning just like a traditional classroom setup. There is no need for them to move out of their house. The teaching and learning can continue.

3. Assures Effective Learning Online

The guarantee of effectiveness of online learning is a concern for everyone. Taking classes online gives different involvement as against traditional classroom teaching or learning. There are possibilities of distraction to both teachers and students to teach and learn from their homes.

Fortunately, the activities on LMS give an experience that interaction between teachers and students is happening as in a traditional classroom. Teachers get the option of sharing the PPT presentation on the LMS software. They can share notes with their students, set reminders, give assignments, and invigilate any ongoing test.

When compared with traditional learning, LMS proves to be more efficient and effective. The teachers can share learning through live conferences, links, and videos.

4. Progress and Performance Gets Monitored

The progress and performance of students get monitored with the help of LMS. To track the record of students is an inbuilt feature in the LMS. You can easily track the scores, assignments submitted, and engagement of a student in the course. Thereby it gives you the best option to evaluate their performance in the portion.

LMS offers the teachers to lay down milestones for their students. It helps them to track every step of their students to see their progress in the course. A teacher is in a better position to find out which students need more attention. For students, it gives an idea about areas of improvement in the course. Also, suggest the learning material necessary as an add-on for the syllabus. 

5. Engagement is Necessary

Effective communication is necessary to engage students in the LMS. The students and teachers can interact through various posts, chat-boxes, blogs, and even through the integration of social media platforms. The students can speak both during the live online classes and after the classes get over. 

6. Customizing Learning Experience

The learning experience of a student becomes personalized with LMS. Online learning offers flexibility as the courses are accessible without any boundaries of place and time. The students will be able to access learning material when attending a class or even after class hours. They can watch recorded lectures together with other classmates. They can also choose the device from which they want to access the learnings.

Teachers also have the option to choose how to conduct a class and communicate with their students. There are many tools available for a teacher to pick their convenient teaching method. To provide support to their portion of the syllabus, they have the option to upload modules, files, PowerPoint presentations, and videos.

Online Teaching and Learning is the New Normal.

The pandemic of Covid-19 is not the opportunity for the students to stop their learning process. It has allowed exploring options other than traditional classrooms. LMS offers the flexibility of learning from their home only. It helps students in continuing their education without gathering in one place and violating Covid-19 norms.

LMS has given the next best option for learning, for the students and teachers to progress in their syllabus. The development of a country depends upon its education system. As the students in the nation gain knowledge, they contribute to the nation’s development. Many countries have instructed educational Institutions to remain closed. But no restriction has been made on teaching and learning. Keep learning and progressing with the help of LMS.