Prominent Orthodox Priest Sues Online Publisher and Homosexual Rights Activist for Libel

An Orthodox Christian priest known for his out-spoken defense of the Orthodox Church’s view on marriage and abortion, has sued the editors of an online publication for defamation. Thomas More Society Special Counsel are representing Fr. Josiah Trenham, along with his wife, Orthodox Christian Ministries, and St. Andrew Orthodox Christian Church, in federal court. Trenham and his ministry are suing self-proclaimed gay rights activist Peter “Giacomo” Sanfilippo and other editors of the online publication Orthodoxy in Dialogue for outrageously false, malicious, and defamatory statements and accusations concerning the priest and his ministry.

The lawsuit details how Sanfilippo has repeatedly attacked Trenham via the online website Orthodoxy in Dialogue.

Charles LiMandri, Thomas More Society Special Counsel and partner at LiMandri & Jonna, LLP, reported, “Sanfilippo has unabashedly attacked Fr. Trenham in a multitude of reprehensible defamatory articles published on the website Orthodoxy in Dialogue, beginning in 2018.”

The lawsuit filed July 23, 2021, in United States District Court for the Central District of California, alleges that Sanfilippo has engaged in “conspiracy, intimidation, and coercion” in order to destroy the personal reputations of Trenham and those involved in ministry with him.

“We won’t allow internet trolls masquerading as media to destroy the character of a prominent religious leader because they are upset that a pastor upholds the teachings of the church,” declared LiMandri. “This outrageous behavior needs to stop, and we expect the court to rule in our clients’ favor.”

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