After Battle With Coronavirus, Pastor Says ‘I Was Wrong’ to Not Get Vaccinated

CORSICANA, Texas – A Corsicana pastor says his fight against COVID-19 has changed his perspective on getting the vaccine.

The North Texas pastor has been battling the virus for more than 20 days. He admits he was not vaccinated but now plans to after his near-death experience.

Danny Reeves is used to teaching the word of God every Sunday at First Baptist Church in Corsicana. But over the last few weeks, he says he’s been the one learning.

“God puts us through these moments to teach us the lessons,” he said. “I didn’t mean to be cavalier. I didn’t mean to be overconfident. But there’s a lot of people just like me that haven’t gotten the vaccine.”

Reeves says he started feeling body aches and other symptoms in early July and tested positive for COVID-19 a few days later.

In about a week, Reeves’ breathing became so difficult that he needed to go to the hospital. At Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, his blood oxygen level dropped to dangerous levels.

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Source: Fox 4 News