How to See July’s Full Buck Moon Rising on Friday

The next full moon is fast approaching, rising bright in the night sky on Friday, July 23. And it may appear a reddish-orange hue — not because of an eclipse, but because of the rampant wildfires spreading across the Western U.S.

Enormous wildfires are burning across several Western states, but winds are carrying the smoke much further, drifting across New York and the tri-state area and creating colorful sunrises and moonrises across the region.

The ongoing haze means this month’s full moon could have that same orange glow.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, full moons get their names traditionally from Native American cultures, and some are also referred to by their Colonial American and European names as well. July’s full moon is known as the “buck moon” — marking the time of year when the new antlers of buck deer grow out of their foreheads — named by the Algonquin tribes in what is now the northeastern U.S.

The July full moon has also been called the salmon moon, thunder moon, hay moon, feather molting moon, berry moon and mead moon.

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SOURCE: CBS News, Sophie Lewis