AMG International Reports, Eight Pastors and Elders Have Died from the Coronavirus Surge in Myanmar

(Image courtesy of karl-ferdinand from Pixabay)

Fighting continues in Myanmar months after the military seized power from the elected government. Brian Dennett of AMG International reports thousands of people are still hiding in the jungle away from the violence.

Now, a deadly COVID-19 surge has invaded Myanmar, and many Christians have died as a result. Dennett says, “We were so saddened to hear that eight of our AMG pastors and elders have passed away in just the last few weeks. And we were even more saddened to hear that on the 22nd of June, three family members, a father, a mother, and a daughter, all passed away within just a few hours of each other.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


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  • Ask God to comfort His people in Myanmar as they endure fighting and COVID-19.