The Devil is a Lie: Marie Claire Magazine Pressures Hollywood to Depict More Parents Having Abortions

The fashion magazine Marie Claire published a piece pressuring the entertainment industry to depict more parents having abortions because “[c]ountless studies have highlighted the importance of representation in media.”

Although there was a steep increase in the number of abortions depicted in film from 2019 to 2020, writer Danielle Campoamor still believes it’s not enough, because the storylines featured in movies and TV shows have “done nothing to remedy the discrepancies between the fictional characters who have abortions and the real patients who seek out the services.”

According to a study released in December of last year by the group Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health, 31 shows featured characters who underwent abortions while 12 movies showed the same.

Only three movies released in 2019 depicted abortions.

Nevertheless, Campoamor argued Hollywood should be showing fewer teenagers undergoing abortions and more parents making the choice because they are, she explained, “the most common abortion patients.”

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Source: CBN