Mayo Doctor Gives Strong Warning Over Coronavirus Plague Delta Variant, Says ‘This Virus Will Find Everybody Who Is Not Immune’ — Daniel Whyte III Says, People, Do Not Be Deceived In Thinking That This Increasing Coronavirus Plague Problem Is a Medical Issue; This Is a Spiritual Issue and Has Been Brought Upon Us Primarily Because of the Gross Sin, Disobedience and Rebelliousness in the Church, for the Truth of the Matter Is There Are Thousands of Julianna Zobrists and Byron Yawns in the Church Across America Who Have Committed Adultery and Who Are Committing Adultery

Daniel Whyte III says, people, do not be deceived in thinking that this increasing coronavirus plague problem is a medical issue; this is a spiritual issue and has been brought upon us primarily because of the gross sin, disobedience and rebelliousness in the church, for the truth of the matter is there are thousands of Julianna Zobrists and Byron Yawns in the church across America who have committed adultery and who are committing adultery. On top of that, there are thousands of pastors who have compromised the word of God and have been paid off to promote homosexuality in the church of the lord Jesus Christ. There are thousands of other pastors who are in collusion with them by remaining silent, and by doing so have encouraged the government to sanction and endorse the abomination of homosexuality including homosexual marriage which lot and the homosexuals of his day never even thought of thus making the church and the government in America worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible talks about there being great plagues “Of long continuance” (Deuteronomy 28:59) because of the long continuance of sin and evil of God’s people who have forsaken God and his word and have betrayed and double-crossed him. So let it be known that God is the one who sent the novel coronavirus plague and God is the one who causes the mutations and variants such as the Indian delta variant and the lambda variant, which has been found today in a Houston hospital, variants that your human vaccines cannot stop obviously. And if the church and the government led by the church don’t confess their sins and repent in a very real sense, more plagues “Of long continuance” and more variants are on the way until America is completely destroyed by God more so than what it is already in a loving, merciful, gracious, long-suffering and slow-rolling way.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The state’s COVID-19 numbers are up sharply Tuesday, part of a trend we’re seeing nationwide. In Minnesota, 625 new cases were announced, along with one new death. Against the number of new tests processed, Tuesday’s presumed positivity rate is at 11.7%.

The state health department says some of these new numbers are from the weekend, but it’s still a sharp uptick from last week, and experts are warning it will get worse.

Dr. Gregory Poland of the Mayo Clinic is one of the nation’s leading experts on vaccines. He says he is still wearing a mask even when he steps out of his Mayo office.

“I think there is no question that we are going to see a surge,” he said. “In a crowded scenario, I am in a mask, indoors or outdoors.”

The Minnesota Department of Health say 99% of new cases in Minnesota are in unvaccinated people, and 75% of those new cases are the Delta variant.

“It’s a serious warning for us in Minnesota,” he said. “We are seeing the Delta variant really take over.”

Poland shared a particularly dire warning for those still unvaccinated for COVID.

“Don’t be deceived that ‘I got this far and I am OK.’ This is a very different variant. It will find you,” he said. “This virus will find everybody who is not immune.”

He is especially worried about children too young to get the vaccine, and teens whose parents are on the fence.

“We are seeing a rise in severe disease and hospitalizations among young people,” Poland said.

He agrees with the American Academy of Pediatrics that, this fall, all kids should wear a mask in school, whether they’re vaccinated or not.

“A mask is not a political symbol. It is a medical symbol of taking care of yourself and others,” he said.

Poland says the risk in even crowded outdoor settings is evidenced by this new surge, which is coming just two weeks after the Fourth of July.

“This is a serious, current and present danger to you and your families’ health if you are not vaccinated,” he said.

Source: CBS Minnesota