Adulterous Wife Julianna Zobrist of Chicago Cubs Superstar Ben Zobrist Spent $30,000 of His Money on Drunken Party for Married Pastor Bryon Yawn Who She Was Committing Adultery With, Divorce Documents Say

New details have emerged from court filings in former Chicago Cubs star Ben Zobrist’s sordid divorce saga, including how his Christian singer wife allegedly feted her pastor lover with a $30,000 retirement party.

The 40-year-old Major League Baseball player, who has since retired, alleged in a lawsuit filed in May that his wife, Julianna, had a year-long affair with their married Nashville pastor Bryon Yawn who, at one point, had given the couple marriage counseling.

Ben and Julianna each filed for divorce in 2019 after 14 years of marriage. More than two years later, the former couple remain separated as their case, made complicated by multimillion-dollar claims and lawsuits, continues to wind its way through the courts.

The Zobrists’ divorce is scheduled to go to trial in August.

In court filings obtained by the Chicago Tribune on Monday, Ben Zobrist claimed the ‘genesis’ of the unraveling of his marriage was the retirement party that his wife, a Christian singer, organized in December 2018 for Yawn, who was stepping away from his role as elder of Community Bible Church in Nashville.

‘The one-night party cost almost $30,000 and was conducted at the Zobrist farm,’ according to the documents.

Julianna allegedly paid for the lavish soiree out of the ‘farm account’ that her husband usually did not check.

During the celebration, Julianna and Pastor Yawn both got drunk and were described in the filings as ‘dancing “on” each other in a provocative way that was very embarrassing to Ben Zobrist, especially in front of their close church friends.’

The dad-of-three baseball player privately rebuked his wife for her conduct, to which Julianna was said to have taken ‘umbrage.’

Prior to the party, Ben stated in court documents that his wife told him she had ‘new thoughts and opinions that differed from some of their religious background and family beliefs.’

In her own court filing, Julianna said she ‘began questioning some of her religious beliefs,’ and reached out to Yawn to seek ‘solace in his support.’ As time passed, their relationship turned romantic.

During a deposition, Julianna testified that her relationship with the married pastor ‘crossed the line’ in September 2018.

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Source: Daily Mail, By Emily Crane and Snejana Farberov for