‘We Need President Biden to Step Up’: Gov. Ron DeSantis Urges Swift Action Against Communist Regime in Cuba

“The one thing communists fear most, it’s the truth,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in a press conference yesterday, urging President Biden to take action to help Cubans regain access to the internet while also urging Cubans in the military to be “heroic” and stop doing the bidding of the communist dictatorship.

DeSantis went on to praise those people who are standing up against the oppressive regime and described them as heroes fighting for freedom, adding that “a free Cuba is a noble cause.”

“We, obviously have to stand with the people of Cuba against the communist dictatorship,” DeSantis explained. “And one of the most effective things we can do as a country, and we need President Biden to step up and make this happen… we can be helpful to getting internet back to the island of Cuba. The one thing that communist regimes fear the most is the truth.”

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Source: CBN