“The Road to Glory: Walking Mama Home” by Linda Winn

Cover Artwork for The Road to Glory

In just over a decade, older adults are projected to outnumber kids for the first time in U.S. history. And according to the National Center on Elder Abuse, up to five million of the elderly experience some type of abuse (physical, mental, emotional, sexual or neglect) each year.

Linda Winn spent over a decade in some very difficult situations with her mother after a massive stroke and advocated on her behalf as she was the victim of abuse and neglect.

Honoring her father’s deathbed request, Linda accompanies her mother on the road to glory—a road littered with perils, but sprinkled with pearls of God’s wisdom, mercy and grace.

The Road to Glory is a true story that provides a vivid illustration of life in the eldercare system, as blind Miss Sadie faces many trials while being cared for in her own home, assisted living, nursing home, hospital and rehabilitation after a massive stroke.

But God’s faithfulness triumphs over her despair when Sadie’s daughter, Linda, intercedes to restore her from feelings of helplessness and hopelessness to enjoying life and good conversations again. Their trying yet inspiring journey illustrates our need for God to lead the way in a world where trials are sure to come.

Linda’s new book “The Road to Glory: Walking Mama Home,” encourages conversations around topics such as:

** Caring for our aging or ill loved ones

** Planning for difficult times and end of life

** Advocating for those less able, those we love

** Sacrifice, selflessness, serving others

** Setting aside fear and pain and walking the last leg of a loved one’s journey with them

** Honoring a loved one as their vigilant intercessor

** Turning all aspects of a loved one’s care over to God

** Letting God fight your battles, understanding His peace

** Honor thy mother and father…. what does this mean?

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Michael Ireland