New Study Finds Only 3% of Black Professionals Want to Return to the Office After Coronavirus Pandemic

As many employers begin to make a push to return to the office following the July 4 holiday, a number of Black Americans may not be in support of that move.

According to a new study from Future Forum, only 3% of white-collar, Black professionals want to return to the office full-time following the pandemic. According to mental health experts, trauma from civil unrest in the Summer of 2020 and fears of microaggressions post-pandemic have caused Black Americans to prioritize their mental health more than ever.

“Following the murder of George Floyd and the racial traumas of the last year with COVID-19, more Black Americans are choosing to prioritize their mental health,” said Veronda Bellamy, therapist, and owner of The Relevancy Factor. “Particularly in settings where there are fewer Black Americans, the return to work can signal anxiety,” she continued. “In this case, many are choosing to manage their anxiety – and their overall mental health – by opting for a hybrid return to work model or a full work-from-home plan that allows them to avoid those sticky situations.”

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SOURCE: ESSENCE, Jasmine Browley