Facebook Tests Feature Warning User ‘Harmful Extremist Content’

Unsplash/Greg Bulla

Facebook is now testing prompts targeted to users the social media giant believes may be “becoming an extremist,” per multiple outlets. The in-app messages direct users to resources aimed at combating extremism.

Thursday, multiple users reported receiving a new Facebook notification that warns about possible exposure to “extremist content.” Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared screenshots of both warnings on his Twitter feed:



Facebook spokesman Andy Stone confirmed that the messages “are part of our ongoing Redirect Initiative work,” part of its effort to fight extremism on its platform, a hot-button topic since the tech giant’s means of determining what qualifies as extremism remain unclear. Recent reports of a pro-Israel Facebook page being attacked and canceled by antisemitics and pages such as conservative Christian actor Kevin Sorbo’s being canceled as well have caused concerns for many.

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SOURCE: Charisma News