Here We Go: John and Charles Wesley’s Methodist Church Becomes Biggest Religious Group in Britain to Say Yes to Same-sex Marriages – They Are Both Turning Endlessly in Their Graves

The Methodist Church has become the biggest religious group in Britain to say yes to same-sex marriages.

The move – which followed debates at the Methodist Conference on Wednesday – has been hailed by campaigners as a ‘momentous step on the road to justice and inclusion’.

A total of 29 out of the 30 Methodist Synods in Britain confirmed they were in support of provisional resolutions to allow the practice.

The current membership of the Methodist Church of Britain is 164,000, making it the fourth largest denomination of Christian Churches in the UK.

While same-sex marriage is not allowed in the Church of England nor the Roman Catholic Church, it is welcomed in the Scottish Episcopal Church, the United Reformed Church and the Quakers in Britain.

The latter three are smaller in membership, making the Methodist Church the largest Christian Church to support gay weddings.

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Source: Daily Mail