China Orders Citizens to ‘Hunt Down’ All Books with Religion, State ‘Church’ Sings Pro-Communist Song

Religious freedom is barely even a concept in communist China, and now it’s under fresh assault from the anti-Christian regime.

Chinese American Pastor Bob Fu of the group China Aid, which provides legal aid to Christians in the People’s Republic, recently tweeted, “New Cultural Revolution” starts in #CCPChina this notice to students in a 1st Grade class demanding all parents and teachers to hunt all “religious books, antagonistic books & overseas books including books & videos that are copied/duplicated &translated”. Everyone is mandated!”

“CCP controlled ‘three-self church’ sings ‘Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China’. The choir waves Communist Party flags on the pulpit. #Fakechurch watch the video clip here: via @YouTube The Lord is our Way, Truth and Life. john14:6,” he tweeted.

CBN News Senior International Correspondent Gary Lane says this is not only just another effort by the Chinese Communist Party to indoctrinate students, but it’s also trying to prevent disruptions for the 2022 Winter Olympics which will be held in Beijing next February.

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Source: CBN