Warrior Leadership Summit 2021 Begins Thursday, July 1

Image courtesy of On Eagles’ Wings / Warrior Leadership Summit.

A highly-anticipated and deeply-needed leadership conference begins Thursday.

Brad Hutchcraft oversees On Eagles’ Wings, a division of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries. Their annual Warrior Leadership Summit offers five days of fellowship, discipleship, and equipping for Native believers throughout North America.

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“Our prayer is that this will reach a deeper need, maybe than ever before, because hope has been ripped away this past year. These Native young people, these warriors, will come and, whatever condition they’re in, they will … hear the Gospel,” Hutchcraft says.

“They will hear [how] God gives them a way to be stronger when they find their strength in Jesus.”

Last year, OEW held a virtual Warrior Leadership Summit to avoid the pandemic’s many risks and restrictions. While this year’s in-person gathering is a joy for many, “it’s challenging because some of those [who] want to be there the most can’t be there,” Hutchcraft says.

“Our First Nations friends from Canada can’t get across the border still … so, we’ve geared up for the online conference again. We’ll get to live stream, and [we’re] welcoming people from all over North America.”

For some, circumstances prove too desperate to postpone in-person attendance. “There’s a group from a remote village in Alaska … they’ve bought vehicles, and they’re flying to Seattle; they’re doing all these things … to get their young people to a place of hope,” Hutchcraft says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Consider investing in a warrior sponsorship to help someone attend Warrior Leadership Summit.
  • Pray many Native young people can attend Warrior Leadership Summit this year. Pray they will find rest and hope in Christ.