The Sermon That Both J.D. Greear, the Former Southern Baptist Convention President, and Ed Litton, the New Southern Baptist Convention President Preached Was Worse Than the Plagiarism, and the Plagiarism Was the Worst That We Have Ever Seen.

The sermon that both J.D. Greear, the former Southern Baptist Convention president, and Ed Litton, the new Southern Baptist Convention president preached was worse than the plagiarism, and the plagiarism was the worst that we have ever seen. Pastor Ed Litton should resign from the Southern Baptist Convention for gross plagiarism, and both should resign the pastorate for lying on God and saying that God whispers about sexual sin when God has never whispered about sexual sin or any sin. In fact, He was shouting loud and clear when He died for sin. God has an even voice against all sin and shouts against abominations. Again, this is a prime example of pastors who are not hearing from God, and so they follow people, and they follow one another. They have more fear of people than they do of God. If you are a true born-again Christian, your head will automatically bow in disbelief and shame as you watch this sad video.

We used to believe that the Southern Baptist Convention would be the convention that would lead other denominations in the country to revival and awakening. We don’t believe that anymore, even though we still love many of our Southern Baptist Convention brethren. And let us say here that at the same time, even though God does not whisper about anything (in fact, in Proverbs 16:28, He told us that “a whisperer separateth chief friends”); well-known in the Southern Baptist Convention is the whispering class, and if they don’t like you, there are five things they will do to sully your name, sabotage you, or lynch you:

1. They will accuse you of plagiarism.
2. They will accuse you of committing adultery.
3. They will accuse you of child molestation or incest.
4. They will accuse you of stealing or misusing money.
5. They will accuse you of not lining up 100% with Southern Baptist Convention doctrine and theology.

This whispering class in the Southern Baptist Convention really needs to cease because they have lynched many good men, and if Litton doesn’t resign, he will experience the longest lynching process in Southern Baptist history.

This sermon is so gross, and this plagiarism is so gross that we don’t see how the Southern Baptist Convention is going to survive if this is the best leadership that they have. By the way, we have never seen a pastor actually plagiarize the introductory remarks of another preacher that has nothing to do with the sermon. This man plagiarized “I want you to turn to your neighbor” and he plagiarized “We believe that God’s word is good.” Son, if you have to plagiarize and steal stuff like that you are not hearing from God at all, and this disqualifies you from being the president of the largest Protestant denomination in the world. Lit Sit! Are we witnessing plagiarism or are we witnessing talking points and one of the greatest demonic conspiracies in the history of the church to bring gross sin into the church? Stay tuned, more to come.