Super-rich Will Be Able to Buy £8 Million Apartments on the World’s Largest Yacht: Stunning 728ft-long £430m ‘floating Condo’ Will Have 39 Ultra-luxury Onboard Homes

The world’s largest yacht has been unveiled and she’s so big a new category has been coined for her – ‘yacht liner’.

‘Somnio’ will launch in 2024 and, with a length of 222m (728ft), will be easy to spot from the outside. Only a privileged few, though, will get to view the 500million-euro (£430million/$600million) boat from the inside. That’s because she’ll serve as a jaw-dropping floating condo for the super-rich, offering 39 ultra-luxury apartments starting at 9.5million euros (£8.1million/$11.2million).

The identity of the owners will remain a tightly guarded secret, with the chance to buy one of the apartments coming by invitation or referral only.

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Source: Daily Mail