British street preacher awarded $4.5K over wrongful arrest

Street preacher David McConnell | The Christian Institute

A Christian street preacher arrested while preaching the Gospel has won his case against a police department that admitted liability in a lawsuit, agreeing to pay $4,500 (£3,250) in damages in addition to his legal costs for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and violating his human rights.

A Liverpool County Court has awarded $4,500 plus legal costs to David McConnell, who was arrested by West Yorkshire Police in December 2019 for “a hate-related public order offense” and “for preaching on gay rights and abortion,” The Christian Institute, which supported his case, said in a statement.

McConnell was preaching the Gospel when some passersby began to heckle him, asking him questions about sexuality and abortion while he had not mentioned either subject. He was then arrested and taken to Huddersfield police station.

McConnell was held for around six hours before being released without charge after a police sergeant listened to the recording of his preaching and found nothing wrong in it.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post – Anugrah Kumar