Australia’s Coronavirus Plague Success Crumbles: Country Was Hailed for Closed-borders Zero-virus Policy That Let Aussies Live a Normal Life but Now Cities Are in Lockdown as Indian Variant Spreads Through Population With Just 5% Vaccination Rate

More than two-thirds of Australians have been placed under new lockdown rules as cases of the Indian variant have flared up across the country after escaping from quarantine hotels.

With just 5 per cent of the population fully vaccinated and the more infectious strain on the loose, Australia’s vaunted ‘zero Covid’ strategy – which allowed its economy to get back up and running last year – is on precarious ground.

Around 18 million Australians, 70 per cent of the population, are now under some form of lockdown restrictions after cases of the Indian variant exploded out of quarantine hotels in Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Sydney.

The largest outbreak is in Sydney, where 130 people have tested positive for Covid-19 since a limousine driver for an international flight crew was diagnosed with the Indian variant on June 16. The city’s residents are now under a draconian stay-at-home order for two weeks.

Underlining the importance of jabs today, it emerged that six vaccinated healthcare workers were the only guests at a ‘super spreader’ house party who had not contracted the virus in Sydney two weeks ago.

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Source: Daily Mail